Integrate Critizr widgets for Collect

Make yourself available at any time for your customers and gather their insights.


Widgets are ready-to-use Critizr components.
For every “widget” you need to implement, you just have to copy and paste the code at the right place.
However, do not forget to replace <variables> in the provided code!


Here is an exemple of a CTA to collect feedbacks for a specific store.
The implementation is simple and follows these really straight-forward steps :

  1. First, make sure you have installed the Critizr Web SDK at the bottom of your HTML page
  2. Add the right HTML code at the location where you want the widget to be displayed
  3. See the result.

Here are the others Critizr widgets available.


Web button "Send Feedback"

This widget displays a button that, once clicked, opens the Store Locator interface or a survey on a specific point of sales.

Learn more here : Web button "Send Feedback"

Satisfaction question

Ask a satisfaction question to your customers embed in your web page.

Learn more here : Satisfaction question

Web link "Open pop-in"

Open any Critizr interface as a pop-in ("Feedback Submission", "Store locator") via a simple <a> tag.

Learn more here : Web link "Open pop-in"

Launch Critizr Interfaces using the SDK

Advanced usage of the Critizr SDK with Javascript-triggered functions.

Learn more here : Launch Critizr interfaces using the SDK

Other usages

Integrate Critizr on your public WiFi

Add a "Send feedback" CTA when clients are connected to your WiFi hot spot.

Learn more here : Integrate Critizr on your public WiFi

Self-usage Tablet within your point of sales

Give your clients a self-usage tablet where they can give their ratings et comments.

Learn more here : Tablet mode

GMB - Google My Business

Integrate Critizr with your point of sales in Google My Business pages to automatically retrieve reviews and provide a single CX platform for your local teams.

Learn more here : Google My Business (GMB)