How to send email solicitation campaign to collect feedback?

You, or your campaign manager, want to send solicited email (or SMS) campaigns to your End Customers?

Critizr is fully compliant with emails & SMS technologies : only one Critizr link is needed to start collecting feedback.


Sollicited Feedback?

If you want to know more about what we means by solicited feedback, please
go read our article on this subject.


Triggers rules

The rules for triggering emails are managed entirely on your side.

Features to be set up

Integrate the Critizr link in your template

To enable the collection of End Customer feedback, you need to integrate the link provided by Critizr into your email template.

Populate the Critizr link

To enable collection and proper processing in Critizr you need to customise the Critizr link with the reviewed point of sale and End Customer data and other contextual information.


How to implement these features

You only have to follow this explanation.

More advanced configuration on our Critizr link can be found here.


Technical Integration Documentation

Once your configuration has been deployed in Critizr, we will provide you a technical integration documentation that will allow you to obtain directly and very easily all the technical information necessary to build the Critizr link on your perimeter.